8 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Programs Now

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Take Your Email Marketing to the Next Level

Do you know how well your email marketing program is performing? You probably already know that email marketing is an integral part of your overall marketing strategy, and that all of your email subscribers are valuable assets to your business. You want to be able to deliver relevant, quality, timely emails to those subscribers to stay top of mind and to keep them engaged with your business – but – it’s easy to let it fall by the wayside. It doesn’t matter if your email program has been on autopilot, or if you’re looking to make it more efficient, or even if you’re just getting started, conducting an email marketing audit regularly will help you keep your email strategy on track as technology and user habits are continually evolving.

Email marketing

Creating an Email Marketing Audit Checklist

Not sure how – or where – to begin? We’ve selected eight items as part of our email marketing audit checklist. Before you start the audit, spend some time analyzing what your email program looks like now; what’s working and what isn’t. The time you spend on each checklist item below will be determined by what you already have in place and what your email marketing objectives are.


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Facebook Live Planning & Producing Made Easy (2019 Update)

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What You Need to Know to Make Your Facebook LIVE Event a Success

Facebook LIVE video made a HUGE impact in 2018 and we sure don’t expect to see this trend slowing down any time soon in 2019 and beyond. These live, broadcast-style videos are a cost-effective method to create video content that doesn’t require expensive equipment, hours of editing, and result in valuable content for your audience. Even better, we’ve found it to be an effective communications tactic for many of our clients.

Facebook Live

Facebook LIVE Videos are also a great way to extend your reach on Facebook. With the death of organic (unpaid) reach back in 2016, Facebook uses additional reach to reward those using live video. Simply posting video, however, doesn’t do the trick. The video must be created within Facebook’s LIVE video function. And the more viewers, comments, and engagements your video receives, the more love Facebook will show it. At least for now. That said, we do recommend having an ad budget to get your Facebook LIVE the full attention it deserves.

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[Video] Facebook LIVE Made Easy

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At this point, you’ve no doubt heard about Facebook LIVE. Not only is it a great way for a brand to connect with its audience, it’s especially useful if you need to explain something that’s complex or has multiple steps.

Of course, the unknown can be daunting. If fear has kept you from hosting your own Facebook LIVE event, VONT’s video will help you get started.

FB Live

Kim Laramy, a strategist and account director at Ethos, and Suzanne Madore, marketing strategist at VONT will show you what you need to do before, during, and after the live event.

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How Digital Marketing Supports Event Marketing in Higher Education

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Do you think that you can be doing more with your event marketing efforts when it comes to undergraduate recruitment? You’re not alone. Often, those events can stand alone and produce the desired results for both recruiters and students. In other cases, event marketing, coupled with digital marketing, should be considered to maximize the results of your recruitment efforts.

Higher Ed

Getting the most out of recruitment efforts and budget is important, especially if resources are tight. Taking a holistic approach begins by stepping back and taking an in-depth look at the entire undergraduate recruitment process. This includes taking a hard look at all of your online and on campus marketing tactics. Digital marketing can be far more effective when it is integrated with your other brand and recruitment marketing tactics. And using paid digital to complement your open house, college fair, and other events is a cost-effective way to boost attendance, grow your applicant pool, and achieve your enrollment goals.

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