Facebook Live Planning & Producing Made Easy (2019 Update)

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What You Need to Know to Make Your Facebook LIVE Event a Success

Facebook LIVE video made a HUGE impact in 2018 and we sure don’t expect to see this trend slowing down any time soon in 2019 and beyond. These live, broadcast-style videos are a cost-effective method to create video content that doesn’t require expensive equipment, hours of editing, and result in valuable content for your audience. Even better, we’ve found it to be an effective communications tactic for many of our clients.

Facebook Live

Facebook LIVE Videos are also a great way to extend your reach on Facebook. With the death of organic (unpaid) reach back in 2016, Facebook uses additional reach to reward those using live video. Simply posting video, however, doesn’t do the trick. The video must be created within Facebook’s LIVE video function. And the more viewers, comments, and engagements your video receives, the more love Facebook will show it. At least for now. That said, we do recommend having an ad budget to get your Facebook LIVE the full attention it deserves.

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