The Layman’s Guide to GDPR

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You may have noticed your inbox was overflowing with privacy policy updates last week. We’re guessing you didn’t take the time to read each and everyone because, well, that’s a lot of fine print. But there IS a reason for the influx. Last week the deadline for GDPR compliance hit. GDPR, which stands for General Data Protection Regulation, has been on a planned rollout in the European Union (EU) since May 2016. The regulation now gives individuals power over the use of their personal data and holds organizations accountable for their data collection and usage practices.


Wondering why you should care about regulation in the EU? The GDPR applies to any organization that does business with EU residents. So basically, if you do business online, it could very well apply to you. If you’re a US business but you’re knowingly conducting business in the EU, GDPR can and will be directly enforced by EU members/state authorities. Your business may even be required to designate an EU representative. If you’re a small business that’s not actively or knowingly doing business in the EU, rules get a bit murky. If the collection of personal data is deemed to be occasional and doesn’t risk the rights and freedoms, the inadvertent collect of personal data may be forgivable, leaving your company at the mercy of the country impacted.

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